PGUSD Bus Transportation will be FREE from August 7 – 23, 2019.
Download the Bus Route information and meet the bus.

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Bus-Pass Application: 2019-20
Transportation Bus-Routes: 2019-20

Bus Punch Passes

We’re now offering students a Bus Punch Pass for students who do not consistently ride the bus, need a ride to and from school to avoid inclement weather, and for those few times a year when parent transportation is not available.

Each punch pass will cost $10.00 for 10 one-day passes.  A one-day pass will allow a student to ride both the home-to-school and/or school-to-home routes.

Families can elect to buy as many 10-day passes as necessary but will not pay more than $100.00 for one student or $150.00 for two or more students in a single school year.

Apply for a Bus Punch Pass

Please use this form for all in-county, out-of-county, out-of-state, or overnight activities.

Request For Offsite Activity

  1. For out-of-county, out-of-state, or overnight activities this form must be submitted two prior to the Board Meeting.
  2. The activity must take place after Board approval.
  3. For in-county activities, the form must be submitted two weeks in advance of the activity
  4. District Transportation can be denied if the activity interferes with home-to-school transportation, driver availability, or submission of a late request.